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A person’s present difficulties or anxieties may be linked to past experiences. These past experiences can influence the way a person behaves or responds in the present .People seek counselling for different reasons. Sometimes people seek counselling after a trauma such as an accident, abuse, bullying, the end of a relationship, bereavement or a change in work. There may be difficulties in coping with relationships within the family, with friends or other people. Sometimes feelings such as anxiety, sadness, depression, anger or guilt may be present with no obvious reason. These can be distressing and overwhelming. I provide a safe, non-judgmental place where you can talk about and explore your experiences, feelings and thoughts. It is somewhere you can work through issues with someone trained to listen.

You will be offered an initial consultation meeting. This gives you an opportunity to share your problems and decide if you wish to continue with regular appointments. Counselling sessions are 50 minutes. They are usually weekly and at the same time each week.