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Craniosacral Therapy

Cranial therapy reunites mind and body to restore harmony, vitality, balance and inner peace.

Lying fully clothed on a treatment couch gentle touch is used to listen to the body’s natural rhythms and assist self-repair. Non-invasive and relaxing it can work deeply in helping to relieve trauma or stress in the body which may be emotional or physical in origin. Afterwards you may feel calm and energized with increased clarity of mind and a feeling of well-being. Clients often report improvement in quality of sleep.

For more information please contact me via the clinic or visit the CSTA website:

View a one minute introductory talk by me below.

“For many years I had a bad neck that ached in the morning.  I came and had a treatment with Vanessa who started at my feet and worked up my body, finishing at my head. Afterwards it felt better and from that day on it has never come back.”

Pamela Harbour, Cheltenham

“I have had a number of alternative therapies over the years. Vanessa’s craniosacral therapy is by far the most effective, reaching levels of relaxation that I have not been able to achieve before. You may think this therapy is too gentle but try it, the depth of this treatment addresses issues that you did not previously recognise. I was surprised at the results! “

Stuart Elsom, Managing Director, Rollins Group

“I treasure my craniosacral sessions with Vanessa, a skilled and talented professional.
This calming, gentle and relaxing technique, expertly facilitated in a nurturing and sensitive manner,
encourages a gracious, beneficial sense of wellbeing and deep relaxation. Highly recommended.”

Charlotte R, Hertford

“I find this young lady very caring and a beautiful healer. My husband and I look forward to and very much appreciate our sessions, after which we feel so much better.”

Jo and Mike Sullivan (71), Loughton