Stylianos Stylianopoulos


Stylianos is currently undertaking his master’s degree in sports and exercise medicine in Queen Mary University of London. He has a specialist interest in athletic groin pain and how exercise and any form of physical activity can benefit all aspects of people’s life.

Stylianos  was born and raised in Greece, where he completed his bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy in 2016.

His interest is not only in professional athletes, but also people that enjoying being physically active and engaging in all forms of physical activity. His ideology is that even when someone is injured, we can still find you a way to move and participate in what you love doing. Together we will work in an optimal way to help you return to your sport and everyday activities.

Stylianos  likes to keep up to date in relation with the latest research in sports physio and exercise medicine and in his spare time enjoys cycling, indoor climbing and playing the drums.

He is also registered with Health and Care Professionals Council.